To onboard a new tenant in Lodge, you'll need to set up rent collection.

You can do so by either clicking on Rental Payments in your property dashboard, or by locating the "Rent" tab in the menu nav.

Once in the Rent dashboard, you can easily set-up your tenant by clicking on Setup rent collection.

Follow the steps by entering your Primary Tenant's details details (first and last name, mobile number, email, payment frequency, rent payment amount and when the next payment is due) and your bank account details so that we know how to pay you! You can then continue to add secondary tenant's as well if applicable.

Once you've entered these details we'll send an email to your tenant. Be sure that your tenant is aware that you are using Lodge to collect rent, so that they know to look out for an email. Your tenant's email will provide them a login to Lodge, and will give them options on how they can pay rent - easy!

Can I add multiple tenants? 

Yes, Lodge allows you to add multiple tenants to one property.

What's the different between a Primary and Secondary Tenant?

A Primary Tenant is nominated in tenant onboarding as the person responsible for keeping up-to-date bank details for direct debit. Secondary tenants can view payment details, but will not be able to edit them. 

Why do I need to add my tenants mobile number and email address?

We'll need these details so that we can set up a Lodge account for your tenant, as well as provide them with notifications when they either opt in for rent reminders, or so that we can notify them when they are behind on payments. 

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