Lodge can quickly and easily help you screen your tenant using The National Tenancy Database from Equifax.

What's included in the report?

Identity verification
Validates the identity of tenancy applicants using the market leading identity verification solution from Equifax.

Previous tenant screening check
If the applicant has been screened previously we'll show you exactly who screened them and when. You then have the option to contact the agent that screened the tenant and get their opinion on that tenant.

Tenant blacklist screening
Providing tenant blacklist screening and rental history for the past 3 years.

Visa validation
Employment Verification eligibility to work and live in Australia by validating the authenticity and duration of their visa.

Bankruptcy & court record check
Make sure your applicant can afford their rent by screening against the bankruptcy and court record database from Equifax.

ASIC company directorship check
Get the complete picture by checking your applicant’s commercial history using ASIC company data and Equifax commercial credit bureau.

30 days access to your online report

What doesn't it cover?

Proof of income and bank account information
This report does not contain proof of income and bank rental ledger information. To get these you should ask the applicant to provide you with their most recent payslips and a statement containing bank balances.

Rental ledgers and reviews
This report does not contain bank rental ledger information or reviews. You will need to ask the applicant to provide you with rental reviews and you should contact their referees to confirm their validity. You should also ask for recent rental ledgers to prove the applicant has made regular on-time payments.

How much does it cost?

Only $25 AUD!

How do I screen a tenant in Lodge?

You can access the Screen A Tenant flow through the quick link on the property dashboard, or from the side menu on any page inside the app.

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