Lodge sends out notifications to Landlords and Tenants to track successful payments and arrears payments. This article will take you through which notifications are sent and when to expect them.

Successful payment notifications

When a rental payment from your tenant has been successfully collected by Lodge, we'll send through an email notification when the funds are on their way to you. 

Arrears notifications

When a tenant is behind on payments, Lodge will alert both the Landlord and Tenant via email. Lodge will wait 5 working days before we send out arrears notifications to ensure that enough time has passed for payments to be processed. A second notification will be sent after 10 working days unless the rent has been successfully paid. 

What do I do if rent has been in arrears for over 10 working days?

When your tenant is behind on payments for over 10 working days it's important to know what your options are. Lodge will send a final email to the Landlord recommending they get in direct contact with the tenant to resolve the issue. 

My tenant has paid rent but we're still getting arrears notifications - how do I make these stop?

If you receive a notification within 48 hours of a tenant paying rent, it is because the rent is still pending for successful collection. The messages will cease once the rent has cleared into your account. If you are receiving notifications after 48 hours please contact us to resolve the issue. 

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